The current town, also known as New Gibellina arose after the Belice earthquake of 1968 at a site about 20 km away from the previous one. The old town, destroyed by the earthquake, has been abandoned and is now known as the Ruins of Gibellina, which is created Cretto Burri.
Gibellina new resources on the territory of the town of Salemi, near the entrance staziomne station and the A29 motorway.
For the reconstruction of the former town mayor Ludovico Corrao had the enlightened idea of "humanizing" the territory calling Gibellina several world-renowned artists like Peter Consagra and Alberto Burri, the latter refused to enter his work in new urban context that was being built and built a "Great Cretto" in the old Gibellina, in memory of the earthquake that destroyed it. Call the mayor said, also, Mario Schifano, Andrea Cascella, Arnaldo Pomodoro, Mimmo Paladino, Franco Angeli, Leonardo Sciascia. The town quickly became a huge laboratory for experimentation and artistic planning, in which artists and works of value renewed urban space according to a new perspective.
Gibellina today is a museum of modern outdoors. One example is the Mother Church of Ludovico Quaroni, the Secret Gardens of Francesco Venezia, Porta del Belice Consagra Peter's, Piazza XV in January 1968 with the Civic Tower-Carrilion by Alessandro Mendini, the system of squares (of Franco and Laura Thermes Pure ), the War Memorial, etc..
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