Itineraries of Selinunte and surroundings

  • Archaeological Park of Selinunte

    Archaeological Park of Selinunte

    Selinunte Archaeological Park is the largest of the greek world, Selinunte is located in the south of Western Sicily and had a leading role in the Mediterranean Sea, bot h commercial and military, being able to be one… View Details
  • Castelvetrano


    The origin of Castelvetrano dates back to the ancient populations of sicane Legum and then the colonies of the so-called veterans selinuntini for the guard of the commodities from which the ancient name "castrum… View Details
  • Chiesa San Domenico

    Chiesa San Domenico

    "The church of San Domenico was built by Giovan Vincenzo Tagliavias, lord of the city, in 1470. Was the favorite church by local lords who wanted to decorate it with stucco and frescoes of exquisite workmanship performed… View Details
  • Erice


    It is located on top of a solitary mountain that dominates drills, the valley and the sea. Its origins are ancient and mysterious, shrouded in legend. On the summit was first built a temple, dedicated to a goddess of… View Details
  • From the Cave di Cusa comes the material of construction of the temples of Selinunte.

    From the Cave di Cusa comes the material of construction of the temples of Selinunte.

    The large area of the Cave of Cusa is located about 13 km north-west of Selinunte, in the territory of Campobello di Mazara, on a plain near the coast. The caves were used for the extraction of material for the… View Details
  • Gibellina


    The current town, also known as New Gibellina arose after the Belice earthquake of 1968 at a site about 20 km away from the previous one. The old town, destroyed by the earthquake, has been abandoned and is now known as… View Details
  • Marsala


    Its origin dates back to 397 BC, when the Phoenicians inhabitants of Mozia, after his defeat at the hands of Syracuse, took refuge on Cape Lilibeo founded there a city which they called Lilibeo and became the strongest… View Details
  • Mazara del Vallo

    Mazara del Vallo

    The ancient city overlooking the Strait of Sicily to the left of the river Mazaro, on the same site where presumably the Phoenicians founded the trading colony Mazara, indigenous name which mean 'castle'. Due to its… View Details
  • Mothia


    An ancient legend that Hercules was once robbed of their herds. After having searched in vain for a long time, had fortunately help from a woman named Motya, which pointed to a cave in which were hidden animals.… View Details
  • San Vito Lo Capo

    San Vito Lo Capo

    San Vito Lo Capo is a popular seaside resort, especially for its beautiful Costa that opens in a bay and beautiful beach with crystal clear water that is tinged with shades of the blue clear green and blue. San Vito is a… View Details
  • Segesta


    The city was founded by the Elimi in pre-Hellenic times, a population of uncertain origin, probably Eastern Europe. Soon it rose to great importance both economically and for its strategic location between the Punic… View Details
  • The Zingaro Nature Reserve

    The Zingaro Nature Reserve

    The Zingaro Nature Reserve, founded in 1981 is the first in Sicily, along the coast from Scopello to San Vito Lo Capo. In the seven kilometers of coastline, saved from speculation and from the street "overview" that was… View Details